Success Mantra: don't loose hope, explore yourself, do practice and keep doing practice


Generally, we don't take decisions as we are afraid of failures. In my view don’t take failure as failure but take it as base to your next success, every failure gives you some learning to make you perfect. And I would also like to say that take failure as part of your practice.

Biggest mistake in our education and our parenting is that we were taught of getting success only. To be successful is good but to be looser is not the end of all the hopes. We should keep in mind that there is always plan B. Losing in particular exam / event or competition is not the real looser but real loser is who does not try hard. Our education system has taught us the WINING is always good but nowhere It has been taught that it is ok to loose. One defeat is not the end of your chance of winning for ever.



First thing you need to do is that you have to convince your mind that everyone is not similar and you might be weak in many things but for sure you will be definitely good in any one thing. For example, you might be not a good writer, not a good speaker, not good in education and even not good in presentation also. May be you are scoring very poor marks in all your subjects and not able to understand the concepts of math / science etc. But don’t give up.


Explore yourself silently and regularly without getting afraid of criticism of others, mind it you will definitely find one or more qualities within you that are unique and you can prove yourself in that field. So forget everything in past and develop that unique quality within you with full enthusiasm but without the fear of getting failed. Note it down….. no one can stop you from getting success.



So mantra is that find your strength and keep doing that again and again. We should always remember that no one is perfect in this world. It's only practice, which makes someone perfect. Simply, means to say that perfection come from practice.



Friends, when I was in my collage, my professor said that today I will give you three mantra of success, so take out your pen and note book and note down very neatly and cleanly & I assure you guys that these three mantra will help you throughout the life and he said:


First Mantra is - Practice


Second Mantra is -  Practice


Third Mantra is - Practice



At that time, we were staring on his face like he is kidding something.

But today even after passing of more than 20 years to that lecture, I think he had given a golden advice at that time which will remain valuable throughout the life.

And I think practice is the only key to success. Whatever you are doing, education, sports, job or anything else.

So friends, enjoy whatever you are doing and do more practice and move towards perfection, world will be yours, it's waiting for you open handed.