Striking a perfect balance between studies and article ship: possible or not?


Often students who clear their group at intermediate level are often in a dilemma to join articleship training which is mandatory-  being their mind is flooded with scenarios like work burden, work study imbalance, missing coaching and what not!


To an extent, their apprehensions are reasonable- it is really difficult to strike a perfect balance between both. I mean you begin with your coaching classes as early as 6.00 in the morning and for that, your day starts much earlier. Then post attending your classes you rush to work only to find piles of files lying before you each with its approaching due date.


You struggle- struggle to juggle both things together and when you return home, you are drained both physically and mentally. Here is a list of things that you can do to strike a balance between studies and articleship:


Do you often find yourself traveling to far off audit places? Are you often tired to pick up a book and go through it? If this is the case with you, start recording your own small voice clips and hear them when you are on the move. This methodology is not only for optimal utilisation of time but also holds good for better retention.


It sounds crazy but it works. When you are puzzled with some result-oriented multitasks, just elaborate on your problem in words in front of you. Record your elaboration and listen to it when you are relaxed, your mind will suggest you some way out to get rid of the puzzle.


Put learning into action:

Came across a new case law? Or a new amendment in existing sections? Go through it, perform analysis and discuss its implications with your principal this way learning becomes fun when you see it being implemented practically. During my articleship, I came across such a case law which had considered printer as a computer peripheral and allowed a higher depreciation on it. When you try and relate something to your articleship, you remember it for a lifetime.




Experiment with your Ideas:

When we move to articleship, we meet a different sets of people, different work exposures, different skill sets. We as a human being have a unique thought. So for each work or procedure, new ideas generates in our mind. We often hesitate to experiment with our ideas in fear of not making fun of ourselves. But it’s true courage to put up your ideas and start experimenting it, some of it may give you embarrassment but you never know few of them will give you a path.

Let the subconscious mind work:

It sometimes happens that we are not able to fully concentrate- whether on work or on studies. In such a scenario, trust your subconscious mind and keep giving the same amount of efforts. Unknowingly, our subconscious mind keeps working even when we aren’t able to fully concentrate on something. Next time you feel lethargic or drowsy, pick your earplugs and play your own voice recordings and I am sure your brain will register it!



A summary is the way:

Keep preparing your own summary notes after each chapter. Carry them to your workplace or audit place and just flip through the pages when there is no work to do. Short summaries are best to remember keywords, sections and other essential provisions. Make sure you keep it handy for quick and daily reference.


Utilize technology:


Today, with the advent of technology, we have innumerable applications that provide free online lectures, mock test facilities, and other free resources. So, instead of killing your time on futile social media apps, brace up your skills and brush up your knowledge even on the move. All you need is a smartphone, a good internet connection and you are good to go!



Any time, any place classes:

With the introduction of pen drive classes, you have been given an opportunity to remote control your entire day and indulge in better time management. Manage your classes through pen drive which will also cut short your commute time and reduce exhaustion.


Striking a perfect balance between studies and articleship may be a little bit difficult but certainly not impossible. Remember, small and continuous efforts matter the most for a person to excel in his life.