What to do when unable to Pre-fill data in eForm

When you are unable to prefill the data in eforms, perform the following checks.


1. Verify that only ONE version of Adobe Reader is installed on your system.

  • Go to START > Control Panel > Add or remove Programs
  • The list of ‘Currently installed programs’ shall be displayed.
  • Check the version of Adobe Reader. We recommend the Version 7.0.5 and above (You can download the same by accessing the ‘Download Prerequisite Software for e-Filing’ link in the MCA portal)
  • Only the recommended version of Adobe Reader should be installed. In case there is any other version, REMOVE it.


2. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet. Enter the required data for prefill and click on the ‘PREFILL’ button.


3. You will get a Security Message with an option to ‘BLOCK’ or ‘ALLOW’. Select the ‘ALLOW’ button, the required details shall be prefilled.


4. In case the prefill doesn’t happen and you don’t get the Security Message, verify the following:

  • Open the Adobe Reader. Go to Edit > Preferences. In the Categories go to ‘Trust Manager’.
  • Click on the button ‘Reset List of allowed/disallowed file attachment types’
  • Click on the button ‘Change Site settings’. A window will open.
  • ‘Site and Status’ shall be displayed. In case ‘www.mca.gov.in’ is in the list with status as ‘Always deny’. Select the site and REMOVE it.


5. Still if the Prefill does not work, check whether you are able to open the MCA portal in the web browser. In case it does not open, contact your internet service provider or the local IT support person.


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