To be successful involve in decision making processes

Involve in decision making processes that will give you access into the system and will provide you guidance


Move beyond your day to day work and involve yourself in the high level meetings in which issues related to processes are discussed and business decisions are taken.

“Tell me and I forget,

Teach me and I remember,

Involve me and I learn”

-Benjamin Franklin-

Your involvement will give you a chance to access new systems which will give you a great learning and you will also get the guidance of seniors which will again be really useful for you in the future.


a)      Don’t miss the opportunity of involvement, if given, even if it is beyond your work profile.

As stated above, if you will take initiative of getting involved in other important things which are out of the preview of your routine work, you will get the opportunity of learning things out of the context and will give you a chance of an all-round development. 

So, always be ready to move one extra step to involve yourself in new things.


b)     Value addition

Do research, read books, watch motivational clips or any other thing as per your interest. Do whatever you like, but keep one single principal in your mind that whatever you do, should be constructive and should be adding something positive in your life.


Make every effort which does some value addition to your personality, knowledge, company or to your day to day working.


c)      Make extra efforts to study, analyse for right decision

Whenever you get a chance to involve yourself in any decision making process, don’t move ahead half-heartedly.

Before taking any action, stretch yourself and make extra efforts to do more study, research and analysis so that you can take right decisions in the best interests of your organisation.

But while doing research and analysis, always keep in mind an important factor i.e. time. If you will take undue time in doing analysis, then there won’t be any value of that analysis. This reminds us of a story of a farmer. Here it goes:

Once there was a farmer in a village. He had a very huge land for farming, and was a very hard working man and a graduate too.

One day someone asked him,” Which crop are you going to sow in your farms?”. The farmer said that he was watching other farmers’ crops and trying to analyse which crop will give maximum output. In the meantime, the season of crop passed away.

In the next season too, when someone asked, the farmer gave the same reply that he has withheld himself from sowing the crop as he will take the final decision only after getting the complete analysis of the results of this season’s output too.

So in this way, the farmer lost the crop of two seasons, just in the name of analysis. This type of analysis is not good for any business or venture. For this type of analysis only one phrase is suitable: PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS”.

So do research and analysis always but keep the “time” factor in mind.


d)     Your opinion matters for people

Whatever you do, do meticulously and smoothly by putting extra efforts so that you are able to get the desired results and at least any one of your colleagues, your supervisor or your organisation gets benefitted from that. 


If you are able to give some positive results with your extra efforts, your opinion will start getting acceptance. in other words, your opinion will matter to people.


e)      Never fall for the lure of fame or prestige

As now you are in your growth phase, you have earned good reputation and money. People in our society always keep searching for a person who can be their leader and take the things forward. Leading something for a social cause is very good and you should always come forward for the society.


But, always avoid involving in social things only under the lure of fame or prestige like becoming the president of your society, head or member of some committee in your neighbourhood or director of some friend’s company or sister concerns of your company, as these all are not good in this phase. You need to concentrate on your profession and your growth.


f)       Learn to react positively in adverse situations

During our working in a corporate or in your personal day to day life, many adverse things happen around you. But what matters is how you react to those adverse situations. Everything depends on you: you can give up in those adverse situations or you can create something positive by fighting with those adverse situations. Let us visualise this with the story of Rick:


One-day Rick complained to his father that his life was not joyful and he was not feeling good about life. He said that he was not able to face struggles in his life and was feeling weakened to face more.

His father, who was a chef, took him to the kitchen and put three pots full of water on burning stoves. When the water started boiling, he put few potatoes in the first pot, few eggs in the second pot and some coffee beans in the third one.

decision making

Rick was absolutely silent and was watching everything with curiosity.

After some time, his father pulled out all the three items, put them on three different plates and asked his son, “What do you see?”

Rick replied: Potatoes, eggs and some coffee beans.

His father asked him to go closer and touch both the potato and the egg.

Rick followed his father’s instructions and noticed that the potato had become very soft now and the egg had become very hard.

His father then asked him to sip the coffee. It was very good in taste.

Rick asked his father: What is the meaning of all this? What do you want to convey?

His father said: Potato, egg and coffee bean, all three have faced the same adversity. But all three reacted differently to that adversity. Potato, which was hard, gave up in the adverse situation and became soft and weak. Egg, which was very fragile, became very hard in the adverse situations. And coffee beans behaved very differently and created something good even in an adverse situation.

Now you have to choose what you want to become in your life; a potato, an egg or coffee bean.

When adverse situations came your way, don’t be a potato. Be hard like an egg and behave like the coffee beans to create something positive.



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