SAP T-Code -FS10N -Display GL (General Ledger) monthly balances

SAP T-Code -FS10N -Display GL (General Ledger) monthly balances

This T-Code displays GL (General Ledger) balances on month on month basis. This report is GL Account based report, so it displays the balance of complete ledger including all the control account balances having all items (both open & cleared) We can select multiple ledgers for this report.



To get a report from FS10N basic inputs required are given below:- 1. Account Number (General ledger Account Number) ( For multiple selections, go to yellow arrow & define the multiple GLs) 2. Company Code 3. The fiscal year ( For example 2019 to get the detail of 2019-2020).


Difference between FBL3N & FS10N FBL3N- It displays GL Line item view for selected ledgers for the selected period. FS10N – It displays Month wise summary of debit, credit & balances.

Display of Report by FS10N T-code

It provides the summarized information of total amount debit and total amount credit in a GL on the month to month basis with balance (for the month) and cumulative balance.


It provides the month-wise summary of total debits and credits. To get the voucher wise detail of any column, we have to double click on the figure which will show after the FS10N run (Eg. In the above 2 no column double click on 12,787,003.03 will display all the debit & credit line items of May month for the selected ledgers. it will give complete details like profit center, cost center, Posting date, document date, GL code, the amount in local & domestic currency, etc.)


Change Layout Window in the FS10N T-code

With the change layout facility in SAP, we can increase or decrease the data on the basis of requirement. We can further navigate it according to many parameters through the change layout window. By default, it shows all items of selected ledgers but in the change layout option, with many available columns like cleared & open item symbols we can navigate it meet our needs like balance sheet grouping or reconciliations.


Note: – In the same pattern as FBL1N, This report also can be exported in Excel, HTML, etc. from the path: System – List – Save – Local Path. from below path: – System – List – Save – Local file.

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