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Job Detail Job ID 180898 Academic Qualifications CA InterBcom Gender Any Experience Fresher Software Knowledge ExcelWordPPT Required Skills AccountingBanking Industry Experiences No Experience Remote or Office Based Office BasedNo. of Vacancies 2Job DescriptionSend CV at job403@accountshunt.comArticle Will get experience in the fields of : –Book

To be successful involve in decision making processes

Involve in decision making processes that will give you access into the system and will provide you guidance   Move beyond your day to day work and involve yourself in the high level meetings in which issues related to processes are discussed and business decisions

Learn the art of delegation – an important tool for success

The first rule of management is delegation. Don't try and do everything yourself because you can't.                                                                    -Anthea Turner-   Delegation plays a very important role in your success. If you really want to grow, you need to delegate the authority to other members in

Approach for focused learning in the Job

You should follow below approach to have focused learning in job, so that you can learn to maximum extent to have the optimum success in your career:   1. Understand the business model. Discuss it informally with your boss, peers or cross functional people to

Understanding of your job profile is very important

Before jumping in to the race of piling up yourself under the office files, understand your job profile in detail. If you will spend some time in understanding your job profile, you will be able to deliver in a better and faster way. Note the

How to behave on first day of joining a new Job

Brief guidance for the first day of Job: 1. Dress the part Your dressing sense should give a good impression and should be proper as per the dress code of the company or wear formals if no prescribed dress code is there. You can choose

Biggest hurdle in exiting from job of 10 am to 6 pm? And why do you need to exit from job?

Following are the main hurdles in your exit from 10 am to 6 pm job: 1. ‘Comfort’: Yes, right. You think that life is comfortable now. This comfort is your biggest hurdle in your exit from this job or in other words this comfort is

Use of Junk Hours

Use of junk hours   What are junk hours? Junk hours are the time slots you spare during lunch time, tea or snacks break etc. Generally, people waste this time in gossiping or by involving in unnecessary corporate politics. So, instead of wasting your junk

Dealing with Boss or Supervisor

Dealing with boss or supervisor   In learning phase (initial 3-4 years) of your job career, the central point of knowledge is your boss only. Because you will get your projects and assignments from your boss and if you would like to be involved in

Identify the time killing & time wastage area

Whenever this wild thought comes to your mind that you are having scarcity of time, immediately know that you are mismanaged somewhere. You need to work on your routine for the day and assess for which work you are not getting time. Assess to learn

Maintain your to-do and priority list

Maintain your to-do and priority list so that you need not work on weekends and holidays   Mr. John and Mr. Nelson both were working in the same department and both were very hard working. But Mr. John always remained very jolly and had a

Set your goals with a strategy to achieve

Set meaningful, measurable, and manageable goals   Why is setting goals important for you? You should set goals for you because this will give you a vision and you will be motivated to move in a specific direction. Set goals that are meaningful to you

Things to keep in mind while changing job

Things to keep in mind while changing job   1. Always continue your PF, because PF slowly accumulates into large amounts which can help you in contingencies. PF savings have multiple tax benefits, so in case of take-home you actually receive 70% (net of tax)

Dealing with peers and cross functional colleagues

During job career dealing with peers and cross functional colleagues is very important. Your success and growth depends a lot on how well you deal with those. Lets learn how to deal with them:   1. Share your knowledge You should develop a nature of

Develop a side hustle – a small side business with job

Develop a side hustle – a small plant like website development, book writing, blogging, mentoring etc.   What is a side hustle? Side hustle is a small business or commercial activity started by you while continuing your job. This business or commercial activity can be

Handling corporate politics

Handling corporate politics  In general it is noticed that, most young minds get involved in corporate politics which spoils their career. you need to learn to handle corporate politics in such a way so that you do not involve in it. Follow the below advice