To be successful involve in decision making processes

Involve in decision making processes that will give you access into the system and will provide you guidance   Move beyond your day to day work and involve yourself in the high level meetings in which issues related to processes are discussed and business decisions

51 Beautiful Quotes by “JACK MA”

Jack Ma, is a Chinese business tycoon, investor and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate having a net worth of more than $50 billion. Ma is a strong proponent of an open and market-driven economy.

Approach for focused learning in the Job

You should follow below approach to have focused learning in job, so that you can learn to maximum extent to have the optimum success in your career:   1. Understand the business model. Discuss it informally with your boss, peers or cross functional people to

61 Quotes by Chanakya

  Chanakya was known as a teacher, a guide, a guru, a philosopher and an advisor. Even after passing hundreds of years, Chanakya quotes are very meaningful, motivational and inspirational for our today’s life also.    “We return evil for evil, in which there is

Avoid gossips and do limited use of mobile

Gossips are poisonous for you. Avoid them.   Gossips can be simply defined as “talking about people who aren’t present”. Some people say gossiping is bad while others say it is good. Some think that gossiping is done intentionally and purposefully while others believe that

Live without regret and always explore yourself

The biggest regret in our life is to have regrets. Whatever happened has happened. It was supposed to happen and that's why it happened. It was your destiny and no one can stop that. Never keep blaming yourself for anything wrong happening with you. Life

Keep yourself away from unethical internet surfing

Society has always taken sxx as an out of discussion subject and kept this topic away from family chat, educational books, and official discussion. Society has never accepted that sxx is an open subject on which everyone needs to be educated to understand the meaning

Use of Junk Hours

Use of junk hours   What are junk hours? Junk hours are the time slots you spare during lunch time, tea or snacks break etc. Generally, people waste this time in gossiping or by involving in unnecessary corporate politics. So, instead of wasting your junk

Identify the time killing & time wastage area

Whenever this wild thought comes to your mind that you are having scarcity of time, immediately know that you are mismanaged somewhere. You need to work on your routine for the day and assess for which work you are not getting time. Assess to learn

Maintain your to-do and priority list

Maintain your to-do and priority list so that you need not work on weekends and holidays   Mr. John and Mr. Nelson both were working in the same department and both were very hard working. But Mr. John always remained very jolly and had a

Show your gratitude for the people who challenge you

Show your gratitude for the people who challenge you In your life, you will find many people who will give you a challenge. Don't loathe them. Instead, develop a feeling of gratitude towards them. Why and how?   1. They are the persons who have

Set your goals with a strategy to achieve

Set meaningful, measurable, and manageable goals   Why is setting goals important for you? You should set goals for you because this will give you a vision and you will be motivated to move in a specific direction. Set goals that are meaningful to you

Keep your attitude positive

Keep your attitude positive   Your attitude towards your surroundings and your actions is very much important for you and for other people who are associated with you. How come? Attitude is contagious in nature. If you keep a positive attitude, then people associated with

Engage yourself in some creative activities and Stop reading sexual content

It is always recommended repeatedly that engage yourself in some creative activities to quit the bad habits either it is the habit of watching porn or reading sexual content. But to be successful in this you need to find some activity which suits you, easy

Respect yourself and your talent

Respect yourself and your talent   To be successful in your life you need to add one super important trait in you i.e. respect for yourself and your talent. Respect your work and respect your decisions.   When you will respect yourself, then only others

Life is a matter of choices, make smart choices

Life is a matter of choices, make smart choices   One day I was in the market with my 11-year daughter. One hawker was selling goods and was looking happy. The smile on his face was reflecting and that smile was natural. He was not