7 types of loans you can avail

In the present era in which we are living, taking loan from bank’s / financial institutions is very easy. There are various loan products are available n the market with many names. But when we look broadly, we can divide all the loan products in

7 steps to manage your money

By following below 7 simple steps you can manage your money to get optimum earnings with maximum satisfaction in your life: Set your goals – short term, middle term and long term Prepare a budget Create an emergency fund Reduce your debt and credit card

Invest on training – It’s very important

We assume that till now you have learnt a lot in your learning phase (first 3-4 years of job) and growth phase (next 4 years after learning phase) both. You have transformed yourself from a job seeker to a boss who is handling a team

Investment Planning

We assume that till now, you have invested a good span of time in your career, so definitely you have earned a good amount of money. Though you have parked that money intelligently in various options, but below is a suggestive approach for better investment

Are you planning your dream home?

Things to keep in mind while planning your dream home:   Now it’s time to move in to your own home provided you still don’t own one or you don’t have any ancestral home. While planning for new home, consider these things:   1. As

Insurance Coverage Understanding

Feel of security is the best thing to buy. We are at various types of risks in our life, like: a) Accidental death or permanent disability of earning member b) Unexpected medical urgency c) Loss of house due to earthquake, cyclone or fire etc.  

Be organized

Be organized   We assume that being a responsible and educated person, you are very organized. But there is always a scope for improvement. We are giving here some quick tips to make you more organized you can pick out if you are lacking some

Don’t be dependent on loan

Don’t be dependent on loan   You are living in the EMI era. Thanks to technology & smartphones, you are just a click away from loans. Loans are not bad at all. By taking a loan, you can afford the house which you couldn't possibly

Keep yourself away from the share market

Keep yourself away from the share market - If you have no capacity to bear the loss   We have noticed that the share market is not everyone's cup of tea. Actually, the concept of share market was very good as it was for long

Be financially literate and stronger – let’s understand CASH FLOW

Be financially literate and stronger - let's understand CASH FLOW   What?, Why?, How?..... about Cash Flow   One important part of financial awareness is maintaining and managing cash flow. Cash and cash flow both are different, don't get confused. Cash is hardcore money either

Ease of Doing Business – Initiatives taken by MCA

Key features of SPICe+ for Greater Ease of Doing Business As part of Government of India’s Ease of Doing Business (EODB) initiatives, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has deployed a new Web Form christened ‘SPICe+’ (pronounced ‘SPICe Plus’) replacing the earlier SPICe form. SPICe+ offers