7 types of loans you can avail

In the present era in which we are living, taking loan from bank’s / financial institutions is very easy. There are various loan products are available n the market with many names. But when we look broadly, we can divide all the loan products in

7 steps to manage your money

By following below 7 simple steps you can manage your money to get optimum earnings with maximum satisfaction in your life: Set your goals – short term, middle term and long term Prepare a budget Create an emergency fund Reduce your debt and credit card

To be successful involve in decision making processes

Involve in decision making processes that will give you access into the system and will provide you guidance   Move beyond your day to day work and involve yourself in the high level meetings in which issues related to processes are discussed and business decisions

Start and end your day with warm water & Replace sugary drinks with normal water

Start and end your day with warm water  We all know that drinking a lot of water during the day is very beneficial for health.  But if you start and end your day by drinking warm water then you will get a lot of health

Reduce the quantity of salt in your food. Keep it below 10 grams per day

The salt we use in our food and drinks came from seawater or from mining the rocks deeper into the earth. Salt adds good taste to our food. Salt has two main ingredients – Sodium and Chlorine. Salt is a very good source of a

51 Beautiful Quotes by “JACK MA”

Jack Ma, is a Chinese business tycoon, investor and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate having a net worth of more than $50 billion. Ma is a strong proponent of an open and market-driven economy.

Approach for focused learning in the Job

You should follow below approach to have focused learning in job, so that you can learn to maximum extent to have the optimum success in your career:   1. Understand the business model. Discuss it informally with your boss, peers or cross functional people to

61 Quotes by Chanakya

  Chanakya was known as a teacher, a guide, a guru, a philosopher and an advisor. Even after passing hundreds of years, Chanakya quotes are very meaningful, motivational and inspirational for our today’s life also.    “We return evil for evil, in which there is

Avoid gossips and do limited use of mobile

Gossips are poisonous for you. Avoid them.   Gossips can be simply defined as “talking about people who aren’t present”. Some people say gossiping is bad while others say it is good. Some think that gossiping is done intentionally and purposefully while others believe that

Invest on training – It’s very important

We assume that till now you have learnt a lot in your learning phase (first 3-4 years of job) and growth phase (next 4 years after learning phase) both. You have transformed yourself from a job seeker to a boss who is handling a team

Investment Planning

We assume that till now, you have invested a good span of time in your career, so definitely you have earned a good amount of money. Though you have parked that money intelligently in various options, but below is a suggestive approach for better investment

Are you planning your dream home?

Things to keep in mind while planning your dream home:   Now it’s time to move in to your own home provided you still don’t own one or you don’t have any ancestral home. While planning for new home, consider these things:   1. As

Insurance Coverage Understanding

Feel of security is the best thing to buy. We are at various types of risks in our life, like: a) Accidental death or permanent disability of earning member b) Unexpected medical urgency c) Loss of house due to earthquake, cyclone or fire etc.  

Live without regret and always explore yourself

The biggest regret in our life is to have regrets. Whatever happened has happened. It was supposed to happen and that's why it happened. It was your destiny and no one can stop that. Never keep blaming yourself for anything wrong happening with you. Life

Keep yourself away from unethical internet surfing

Society has always taken sxx as an out of discussion subject and kept this topic away from family chat, educational books, and official discussion. Society has never accepted that sxx is an open subject on which everyone needs to be educated to understand the meaning

Don’t consume alcohol, drugs and/or smoking material

Consumption of alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco has become a threat to human health all around the world.   From where are we getting these poor habits?   Teenagers take drinking and smoking as a privilege and 'chill' activity of adults when they watch them drinking