Subtle art to develop in job for planned exit as businessman


To have a 360-degree development, you need to work on the following:

  1. Investment planning
  2. Planning for your dream home
  3. Loans and credit
  4. Insurance coverage
  5. Self-management
  6. Building Network


Why do you need to exit from job?

Your job career was just a part of your journey, not the destination. Job was needed because you needed a base, a foundation to make your career. Thorough this book you will came to know about following:

What is your biggest hurdle in exiting from job?

Why do you need to exit from job?

How to do a planned exit from job?


Development phase as the name itself depicts is for developing yourself as a complete person who not only think about salary, company or work but also spare time for family, health and work life balance. And in exit phase it is planned out that how to move out of job as a successful businessman by developing a profitable business.


You can think about development in job when quite a long journey of around eight to ten years has already been lived by you in two phases of your job career i.e. learning phase (which is normally of around first three four years of job) and growth phase (which is of around five six years after learning phase). We hope that you have earned a name and a status now.


In this phase, we will not discuss much about corporate culture, learning or training as you have done all these in your previous two phases and now you are well conversant with all these. So you will manage all these in your routine working.


In this phase, your main concentration would be to have a 360-degree development of yourself as now your thinking is not confined to having a good job, learning a lot or growth only.  Now you have to develop yourself as a responsible person who needs stability in his life, surety about safety from unexpected happenings and enjoyment in life.


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