SAP most frequently used 20 T-codes


A ready reference for easy use.

Covers FICO, MM, and SD modules

Interactive explanations with SAP screenshots

Discussion on each tab of T-Codes



To be successful in corporate jobs, you need to be acquainted with SAP Knowledge, We have brought these 20 T-codes in a very concise & explainable format with SAP screenshots.


S.No. T.Code Description
1. MB5L Closing Inventory Report in value & quantity terms
2. ME21N Create Purchase Order
3. MB51 Material Document List
4. FBL1N Line item summary of Vendor Account
5. FS10N Display GL (General Ledger ) monthly balances
6. F.01 Financial Statements
7. FB02 Change / Edit in Document
8. FB03 Display Document
9. FB08 Reversal of Document
10. FB50 Posting a G/L Document with standard posting key
11. FK03 Display Vendor Account Master
12. FD03 Display Customer Account Master
13. FBV1 Park Document
14. FBV0 Post a Parked Document
15. KS01 Cost Centre Creation & Concept
16. KE51 Profit Centre Creation & Concept
17. AS01 Creation of Asset Master
18. AS02 Change in existing Asset Master
19. AR01 Asset History
20. AR02 Detailed Asset History


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