Job-Career Journey (An Employee to an Entrepreneur)


This 214 pages book is a step by step guide from the day you get qualified to planned landing in your first job (covering  Resume & Cover Letter drafting, Job Search, Interview skills, etc.), learning & growing in job (covering extensive learning of corporate systems, handing corporate politics, dealing with boss, peers & third parties etc.), developing in job & nurturing side hustle as a future career, choosing the right time for a planned exit & moving to entrepreneurship.


This book will help you with the following: (214 Pages)

– Writing resumes and cover letter to land into a job
– Job search and Interview skills

– Learning, Growth and development during job
– Handling corporate politics

– Dealing with boss, peers & third parties
– Managing investments, finances with work-life balance
– Exit from job by developing side hustle
– Career as an entrepreneur

What this book is all about?

As the name itself depicts, this book is about Job-career. Every professional either wants to do job or his / her own business. But being a fresher, he / she is not having any experience of both. And along with experience business also needs capital which is lacking with more than 90% of the newly qualified professionals.

Here, the role of this book comes into the picture. This book guides you on how you can start your career from scratch to be a successful top-level executive of a reputed corporate and how you can exit from job by transforming yourself into a successful entrepreneur.

The biggest irony in the job-career is that first you face a great struggle in entering it and then you face a huge difficulty in coming out of it. Everybody wants to come out of job to do his / her own business but the main hurdle is opportunity cost in the form of salary. You are right, you can’t afford to take that burden. And because of this you always keep thinking to leave job one day and do your business but actually that day never come. So, this book helps you to come out of job in a systematic way without taking stress of opportunity cost i.e. salary.

The main purpose of writing this book is two-fold:

The first purpose to write this book is to guide professionals on how to move in their job career from the very first day of qualification to the day of exit / retirement so that they can achieve both deserved salary and designation successfully.

The second purpose to write this book is to guide professionals on how they should transform themselves from an employee to an entrepreneur while doing their job.

This book is a step by step guide on:

How to write a resume or cover letter?

How to search a job?

How to face an interview?

How to handle corporate politics?

How to land, learn, grow and develop yourself in job?

How to exit from job as an entrepreneur?

And this guidance is provided in a very simple language using stories, quotes, cartoons and images. You will feel connected with the book while reading.

A glimpse of some of them is given below:

What’s inside the book:

This book explains Job-Career by dividing it in to 5 main phases:

First Phase: Job Landing

This phase is covered in the first five chapters. In these chapters it is explained that how to prepare resume & cover letter (with formats & samples). How and where to search a job. And most important, how you should prepare for interview by dividing it into three parts: Pre interview, During interview and post interview. Also 15 most frequently asked interview questions with suggested answers are given.

Chapter 1 A Career is Born

Chapter 2 Resume Drafting

Chapter 3 Job Search

Chapter 4 Facing an Interview

Chapter 5 15 Frequently Asked Tricky Questions in Interview

Second Phase: Learning Phase

This phase is covered in two chapters. In this phase it is explained that how you should prepare for your first day of joining because it is very much important as “first impression is the last impression”. In this phase being a fresher, you have to learn a lot, so everything is very beautifully explained in this book with the help of quotes, stories and cartoons about:

  • How to deal with boss, peers, outsiders, corporate politics?
  • How to use junk hours?
  • How to focus on learning analytical skills?

Chapter 6 First day of Joining

Chapter 7 Learning Phase

Tabulating Job Profile

Third Phase: Growth Phase

This phase is covered in chapter 8. After learning in the previous phases you need to grow in your career as that is the ultimate goal of being qualified. So, you need to switch your job here. In this phase it is explained that how & why to switch your job, choose good boss, handsome package and best work profile.

Most importantly, in this phase it is explained how you have to sow the seed of your business in the form of a side hustle. This side hustle will be the base of your exit from the job.

Awareness about Variable Pay in CTC Components


Fourth Phase: Development Phase

This phase is covered in chapter 9. After having both learning and earning in your life you need to develop yourself as a complete person who feels secure and enjoys a healthy life with his / her family. So, in this phase it is explained that how you have to concentrate on your investment planning, buying a dream home, insurance coverage, family, health, networking and development of your side hustle.

Chapter 9 Development Phase

Fifth Phase: Exit Phase

This phase is covered in chapter 10. This is the last but most important chapter of this book. In this phase it is explained that what is the main hurdle in your exit and why & how you should exit from job.

Chapter 10 Exit Phase

Who should not read the book:

Lethargic and lazy people who are not enthusiastic about their career and want to earn only bread & butter from job throughout of their life and want to do job like a job-worm till their retirement even if the package and designation they are getting is not as they deserve, may avoid to read this book.

But if they are willing and determined to change their life now, they may read this book. But without whole heartened willingness and determination they will get nothing.

Be assured that after reading this book you will feel happy to have a complete guide about Job-Career Journey from the day of qualification to the day of your exit / retirement and also have a crystal-clear idea in your mind on how you can transform yourself from an employee to an entrepreneur. This completes the purpose of writing this book.

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