Art of learning as as employee


Learning phase, which is generally first three to four years of first job, is most crucial and most important phase of job-career. And being new to the system you have ample opportunity to learn in this phase, without any hesitation and inferiority complex and if you want to be successful in your career you should take maximum benefit of this phase by learning a lot. This learning will become the backbone of your entire job-career.

Learning tips for first day of joining:

 This day is like a “dream come true” in every jobseeker’ life.

 First day of job is a very memorable day but also full of anxiety. It is actually the foundation of this job and your career. You will meet your new supervisor or boss, new co-workers, will come to know about your sitting space, other different departments of the company and the rules & regulations of company. You will learn many important things about first day of joining through this book.

Learning tips during initial phase of job:

 In this phase, the entire learning is divided into following heads:

  1. Dealing with Boss or Supervisor
  2. Dealing with peers and cross functional colleagues
  3. Dealing with third party like vendors, customers and bankers
  4. Understanding your job profile
  5. Focused learning of corporate systems
  6. Use of junk hours
  7. Handling corporate politics and gossips
  8. Focus on development of analytical skill
  9. Neither be the postman of others nor entertain other postmen
  10. Don’t run after increments, promotions, appraisals
  11. Be adaptable and flexible
  12. Respect Confidentiality


Why learning phase is important?

 Till now, you were struggling for a degree and after that, for a dream job. Now you have both – a degree and your dream job. This is the happiest moment for any fresher and so is the case with you.

With this achievement, you have now entered in a very new phase of life, and this phase is very crucial for your entire future going forward. This phase is actually the backbone of your entire career.

But after getting this first job, if you are thinking that you are settled now, you are wrong. It’s correct that you struggled very hard for getting a professional degree, did rigorous studies for three to five years. But always remember your degree is just an entry ticket for the game. Your degree decides your initial position, your initial package. After that, your attitude towards work, approach to deal with it and dedication to do it will decide your whole career. This learning phase will take the command of your career. Say, when you go to watch a movie; the price you pay for a ticket decides which seat you will occupy- first row, middle row or last row and you will be served nothing or popcorn or popcorn with soft drink. But once you get to your seat, what you take out of those three hours; entertainment alone or learning to accompany that; totally depends on you. Your entry ticket doesn’t play a role anymore.

So, you used your entry ticket and your particular seat, with a particular package allotted to you. Now you have to decide how to use this show of learning phase.


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