Now get Instant E-PAN based on your Aadhaar Number


Now get Instant E-PAN based on your Aadhaar Number

Income tax has now enabled the facility to get Instant E-PAN based on your Aadhaar Number.

Following are the pre-requisites to get the Aadhaar based Instant E-PAN (Permanent Account Number): -

  1. You never have been allotted your PAN before this.
  2. Your Mobile no. is updated & linked with Aadhaar.
  3. Your correct & complete date of birth is updated in Aadhaar records & properly displayed at Aadhaar Card.
  4. You should not be a minor on date of application.
  5. You agree to general terms & conditions.


Following are the steps to apply for Instant E-PAN:-

Step 1:- Click on the link to Apply for Instant E-Pan through quick links at

Step 2:- Click on the button Get New PAN in the opened window.

Step 3:- Fill up the Aadhaar No. & Captcha.

Step 4:- A OTP will generate to the mobile no. linked to Aadhar, submit that OTP for Aadhaar validation.

Step 5:- After OTP Submission Aadhaar details will show you on the screen, confirm those details. If any details is showing incorrect, first correct the Aadhar to show proper details & then follow the process again.

Step 6:- You can input & validate your email id for future correspondence, email verification is advisable but not mandatory.

Step 7:- You can generate & download your E-PAN in pdf format.

Step 8:- If your Aadhaar details are in process of validation, it may take some time to generate your E-PAN, in that case you can check the status of your application / download your PAN after some time from the button “Check Status / Download PAN.”

Benefits of E-PAN:-

  1. Easy & simple process
  2. Complete paperless process
  3. Quick & real-time PAN generation
  4. Pdf copy of PAN hold same value as physical PAN.
  5. Only Aadhaar no. with correct details & updated mobile is required.
  6. Complete E-process so can be completed from anywhere, no need to visit any physical centre.
  7. This PAN is free of cost.


Important point related to E-PAN.

  1. Since new Instant E-PAN is based on Aadhaar No. so a foreign citizen cannot apply to this E-PAN.
  2. Instant E-PAN for getting PAN only if you never have been allotted PAN before this.
  3. You cannot make any amendment or changes in existing PAN through this facility, this is only for generating new PAN.
  4. This E-PAN will generate in pdf form, you can take its printout for physical copy but you will not get any physical card.
  5. All the details on Aadhaar Card such as name, father’s name, date of birth, address will be captured for PAN database as well so we cannot have different details for Aadhaar & PAN.
  6. You do not need to upload any document for E-PAN, not even the copy of Aadhar Card, only you need to verify Aadhaar through OTP.